It’s Earned ….

It’s been a minute since I posted to my own personal website lately.  New business ventures have demanded all my time and THEN some!  I’m still not sure how I’m functioning.

In my searches for new and exciting workout programs to introduce my boot camp ladies to, I’ve come across some very inspirational women in the fitness industry.  Most of them are low key and low profile, simply sharing their successes (and failures) in health and fitness for others to glean from.  On Saturday night, I found another motivator … Miesha Tate, female MMA fighter.  And although she lost Saturday’s match and her title, I was not only impressed with the fantastic shape she was in (talk about discipline!), but her amazing persistence and endurance to the end.  She never once gave up.  Talk about a true champ.

To get to that level of fitness … and to get to that level of instinctively fighting until the end … you’ve got to work at it every damn day.  Discipline is earned, never given.


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