Gluteus Magnificus!

There are very few women I know that don’t want a “booty” to die for … and there are even fewer men I know (including my own fiancé) that don’t appreciate a woman with a fine derrière.  Why is this?  Because having a nice rear view is sexy and feminine!  Who wants to cuddle up next to a bony butt at night?  Really!

My own gluteus wanna-be-flat-e-us has the additional challenge of genetics and my love of running to contend with.  I rely on standard squats and lunges to keep my rear view in plain view, instead of disappearing, as it likes to do when I’m in run training mode.  But those get boring and not-so-challenging after awhile.  But my searches for the perfect FEMININE butt-lift exercises paid off when I found this workout.  Yes … I want this booty!  The “Brazil Butt Lift” has nothing on this workout!

Booty-Making Home Workout | Kettlebell and Body Weight Glute Training


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