What Motivates Me?

I love to run.  Of course, I love to run when I have the time to go for a long run and then spend the following hour under a hot shower! Long distance running is not a convenient sport … it’s a sport that demands dedication and commitment, and TIME.

Having such a full plate right now sometimes discourages me from getting in the mileage I want to get in every week.  Add to that the enthusiasm of 3 friends from high school that are all wanting to run the first ever SLO Marathon together.  WITH me (and you thought peer pressure ended in high school)!  In April.  Yes, that’s a little more than 107 days away, which to you non-runners means I should be out, covering some ground, 3-5 days  per week.  Family, work, school … running?  Finding the time to run is simply DE-motivating!

Did I mention these 3 friends of mine from high school and myself were NOT runners in high school?  This will be quite an accomplishment for all of us who’ve become runners well after high school, college and families.  You would think that alone would prompt me to get off the couch! But it wasn’t until I got this group message from one of my schoolmates on Facebook last night that I felt the fire beneath my butt had been lit:

“Linda, don’t worry. You’ve done this before and know what it takes. You’re gonna do awesome. I know you have it in you. You’re a strong athlete.
Heather, you’re there. You could do it now. If you’re logging that kind of mileage, you’re in for a surprise because on race day your body does the amazing.
Denny…nice…sounds like you’re killing it. I’m actually going to be in Kauai and Honolulu for a week. If you happen to be on either of them, let me know.
I plan on being in SLO near the end of the month. It would be great to get together for a run and to see you guys. Keep up the training. One of the best feelings is knowing that you will make your body do something that 99.9% of the population won’t ever attempt. As long as you don’t give yourself the option to quit, you will finish. I think I’ve cried every time I finish. Because of the emotion of doing so. It’s great. Plus we’re all just a little crazy, which makes it even better.”

This morning, I got up and logged 5.5 miles before I did anything else.  Consider it ON!


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