Stick a needle in my …

Finally did it.  Been wanting to for years.  I’m not scared.  I actually have a very high pain tolerance (shoot, I endured gallbladder “attacks” for 2 years before I did anything about it).  I’m just busy.  And when I’m not busy, I’m lazy.  But I finally did it on Sunday.  I let someone poke a needle through my face … and I actually kinda liked it.  It only took a couple of beers at McCarthy’s and a small order of Togarasi fries from Bel Frites to get me there.

Odd, that I look kinda Indonesian here …

super nose poke

super nose poke

Thanks to Jeremiah at Traditional Tattoo for making it quick and easy.  I’d say painless, but that’s not really true.

Now all I want to do is pick my nose … for the first time since I was like, 5.

2 Responses to “Stick a needle in my …”
  1. discotrash says:

    its very becoming on you! 🙂

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