Warning:  Take anything I say for what it’s worth – I’m not a professional.

I have a tendency to say whatever is on my mind.  At times, it can be funny, or it can be insensitive, hormonal and edgy.  I mastered putting my foot in my mouth long before my first yoga certification.  But mostly, I am a “bright side” kind of thinker.  I am a naturally happy person, and I love to see others happy, too. Life is all about chasing the rainbows and finding the unicorns.

The year 2011 brought some major turning points in my life.  I had a monumental birthday.  I discovered what being “healthy” really meant, even after nearly a decade of teaching fitness classes.  I found out what it was like to get duped, and I resolved to never be that person.  I went back to doing what I’ve always loved – helping people – leaving my great salary and horrible employer that made my life feel so robotic.  I finally started to appreciate the value of “family”.  2011 was the year I decided to take all the good things I discover and share them.  It’s not a good thing if you keep it all to yourself

So this is my online commitment to sharing good things and learning moments.  The great part of that is, it’s speckled with mistakes and mess-ups … only because mistakes are just opportunities to be awesome in disguise.

♥ Heather

optimist/paramedic/fire wife/mom/traveler


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